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Your Story Matters,

We Want To Help You Publish Your Book!

Even if you’ve been told no by traditional publishing houses, are overwhelmed by self publishing or have an idea that isn’t fully formed yet.

Imagine... your book in your hands (in less than a year)!

hope*books provides you with EVERYTHING you need to make your publishing dream a reality. From coaching and mentoring to editing and design — it's all included.

We have developed A SIMPLE proven step-by-step process

to help your hope story transform into a book! 

hope*books combines:

  • The services of a traditional publisher

  • The support of a coaching mastermind

  • The savvy of a marketing agency


  • The training you need

  • The software to grow your audience

  • The system to make progress

hope*books provides:

  • A streamlined, step-by-step publishing timeline.

  • Access to our book management system.

  • A team of designers, editors, and marketers to help you.

  • Community support with a cohort of other authors.

  • Additional support with a certified hope*writer coach.

  • And much more…

The world needs to hear your hope-filled words

now more than ever before

“Before hope*books I was trying to do all the things at once. The promise of coaching throughout the process reassured me that I would not be left to figure all of that out on my own. Ultimately it feels like a partnership between the authors and the publisher.”

Melanie Makovsky, author with hope*books

Your book, in less than a year, on Amazon and everywhere books are sold!

Let's make your book publishing dreams a reality.

Hey, I'm Brian Dixon.

My passion is helping first-time authors discover, share, and publish their message of hope through our coaching and publishing company, Hope*Books.

After leaving my comfortable job as a CEO for a charter school with a five and a half million-dollar budget, I jumped head first into entrepreneurship -- starting back at zero. My goal was to discover the secret to finding work I loved and a life that mattered while helping others to do the same.

That's why I founded Hope*Books Publishing. We've helped hundreds of first- time authors write and publish their first book. We then teach them how to turn their book into a full-time passion business!

We realized there are 3 Reasons people delay, or never, write their Hope*Story! Here's what we found:

  • Overwhelm and Confusion: Most first-time authors just don't know where to start. It's not just about writing the book...it's what do you do with it afterwards.

  • No Accountability, No Systems and No Deadlines: When you're trying to write and publish your first book on your own...there's no accountability, no system and no deadlines. This further instigates the issues of overwhelm and then procrastinating getting your book done...even with the best of intentions.

  • How to Publish and Market Your Book: Even if we meet writers who somehow wrote their first book on their own (Great job, friend!)...they usually get stuck figuring out what the differences are between "self-publishing" and "major publishers."

There's a better way...

After nearly a decade of coaching authors to write and publish their first book...we have come up with a proven 3-Step Formula to help simplify and customize your writer's experience!

  • ​1.) Discover your Message: Knowing your xyz statement is powerful to give you clarity about who your reader is, where she is stuck, and how you help her.

  • 2.) Build your Network and Accountability Group: We will help you build your network and get in front of the right people, even while you're still writing your book. We also have built-in accountability and support pods so you have the help and framework to finish and launch!

  • 3.) Envision your Book, Write Your Book + Publish: We will guide you step-by-step through our proven foundational framework as you outline, write and then publish your book! We are there for you every step of the way., involving feedback on your sample chapter, and including beta readers in your manuscript review.


Here's what makes hope*books the perfect fit for you:

We meet you where you are:

Whether you've finished your manuscript or you are just getting started, we work with you. We have a proven process to help you discover, share, and publish your message. To join us, just click the button to fill out our 3 question onboarding form. So whether you have a manuscript that’s almost done or you just have a basic idea of the kind of book you want to write, hope*books may be a fit for you.

Royalty model:

At hope*books, we are committed to helping our authors succeed for the long term. We offer a generous 50% net royalty on all book sales. This is an average of 3 to 4 times more than you may receive from a traditional publisher.

Publication fee:

As opposed to other hybrid publishing models which require you to buy 3,000 copies of your book, or self-publishing where you pay separately for every single service, at hope*books, we charge one simple publication fee. Other hybrid publishers charge between $12,000- $25,000 for their services. With hope*books, our publication fee is only a one-time payment of $9,997 which covers the training, support, coaching, and services to help you write, publish, launch, and sell your book to your ideal reader. We even have several payment plan options.

Our Authors Love Working With Us!

They Are Getting Massive Results From Our Proven Writing + Publishing Systems. Here's Proof:


“There was no other way for us to go once we found out Hope*Books would help us write and publish together!”

Rebecca and Jay Madden- Hope*Books Authors


“Community & Coaching made all the difference!”

 Annie Weber- Hope*Books Author


"Having a community and team behind you when putting your words and heart in your book is a powerful thing!"

Julie Boit, Hope*Books Author + Entrepreneur


“The support of the Hope*Books team and community helped me make the decision to publish my most recent book."

Larry Fitzgerald, Hope*Books Author

"Thanks to Hope*Books, I was able to turn my calling into a reality. Writing 100 explanations of curious scriptures while nursing a cleft baby was not easy, but Hope*Books provided the perfect opportunity to move forward and share. As a publishing newbie, the program's assistance has been invaluable, and I've loved the transparency of the leadership team and the support of my cohort. I'm thrilled with the design of my cover, and I'm excited to share my work with the world." — Dawn

With hope*books, you get more.

Check out all of the bonuses you get when you sign up with hope*books today:

BONUS 1: Access to our coaching video library.

We offer a step-by-step project management system to help you discover, share and publish your message. You always know EXACTLY where you are in the process and the next step to take to make progress.

value: $2,997 yours FREE!

with hope*books, you get more.

BONUS 2: hope*dashboard, our all-in-one software.

Finally, one place to schedule your social media, host your website, manage your email list, and sell your books and courses. Includes all of the video training you need to make the most of this incredible software.

value: $997 yours FREE!

with hope*books, you get more.

BONUS 3: Complimentary hope*writers membership

Featuring weekly live coaching, a library of video training, and a private membership community, hope*writers can help you write and share your message. Hosted by Zoe Shaw

value: $497 yours FREE!

with hope*books, you get more.

BONUS 4: Complimentary hope*podcasters membership

Podcasting is a great strategy to figure out your message and sell more books. And you get access to hope*podcasters, featuring weekly live coaching, a library of video training, and a private membership community, Hosted by Jeanette Tapley

value: $497 yours FREE!

with hope*books, you get more.

BONUS 5: Complimentary hope*speakers membership

Learn how to share your message from the stage! hope*speakers can help! With weekly coaching, a member library, and a private member community, hope*speakers helps you! Hosted by Keith Ferrin

value: $497 yours FREE!

Here's Everything You Get

When you say YES to joining hope*books, you get:

-Publishing Pathway Program ............................................... ($30,000 value)

-Author Cohort Community ..................................................... ($20,000 value)

-Book Launch + Marketing Support ..................................... ($10,000 value)


-Hope*books Group Coaching ............................................ ($9,000 value)

-Hope*dashboard audience-building platform ....... ($12,546 value)

Total Value ............ $81,546

Get all this for only $9997 or 12 payments of $997

Or use our "join now, pay later" option.




"My experience with hope*books has been truly rewarding. Being part of a like-minded community, I've found inspiration and valuable insights throughout the writing and publishing process.

With Hope*Books, I've found the perfect platform to transform my vision into a reality while connecting with a supportive network of authors and professionals.” — Mark

Need to ask a question? Schedule a call with a team member.

Imagine, your book, published by hope*books!

(We are SO PROUD of our hope*books authors!)

“As soon as I heard about hope*books, it immediately felt like the perfect fit for my needs. And it has been! hope*books is the full package, from development to cover design to marketing. It has pushed me just enough to keep me moving forward. I love the cohort and team support.”

— Dawn

Your Story Matters, Let's Share It!

When you say YES to joining hope*books, you get:

-Publishing Pathway Program ............................................... ($30,000 value)

-Author Cohort Community ..................................................... ($20,000 value)

-Book Launch + Marketing Support ..................................... ($10,000 value)


-Hope*books Group Coaching ............................................ ($9,000 value)

-Hope*dashboard audience-building platform ....... ($12,546 value)

Total Value -- $81,546

Social Proof That Speaks For Itself



your hope*books team

Let's Connect!


Before you go, I just want to take a quick minute to express my gratitude for you taking the time to really read and get to the end of the page.

Listen, I truly believe that any aspiring writer with heart, integrity and a vision much bigger than simply making money deserves to get their message out to the world. The simple truth is, we have a system we've mastered that took almost 20 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure it out...and we would love to share it with you in months and a fraction of that investment so you can write your book, publish your book and create your freedom business as an author, speaker, podcaster and more!

Let's have FUN while also creating and scaling your dream writing and speaking career..so you can reach MORE people and create the IMPACT you desire while also creating the Financial and Time FREEDOM you deserve!

Why should I work with hope*books?

Hope*books is the best combination of community, coaching and support to turn your book dream into reality. We want to share your story with the world. If you’re frustrated by traditional publishing and overwhelmed by self publishing, we can help! 

What is the timeline for my book?

Our goal is to from idea to book in hand in 365 days! We’ve got the system and you’ll need to do the work of writing. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! The monthly payment plan is $997 for 12 months. Or, save $1000 and pay in full. 

Do you work with fiction authors?

Absolutely! We love our fiction authors and have a proven process for publishing works of fiction as well as non fiction. 

Will you help me with marketing my book?

Yes, when you are a hope*books author, we help you design & develop your book marketing and give you access to our tools to make it easier! 

I have another question. Where can I get it answered?

We want to give you the answers you need. Please email us at [email protected]  

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